A storm has erupted on queer Twitter over exactly exactly just what appears can lesbians be interested in guys?

A storm has erupted on queer Twitter over exactly exactly just what appears can lesbians be interested in guys?

Twitter happens to be asking: can lesbians be drawn to guys? (pexels and twitter)

A storm has erupted on queer Twitter over exactly just what may seem like a simple question to solution: can lesbians be drawn to guys? The debate, that has apparently been raised before and prompted a similarly fiery effect, started this time around whenever a user tweeted: “yer reminder that lesbian doesn’t mean exclusively wlw (females who love females). Lesbian doesn’t mean exclusively wlw (females whom love females)” (owoboros/twitter) right right Back within the 80s and it means before it meant the same as being sapphic/gay woman but live porno sh ty ‘political lesbians’ ended up changing what. bi, pan, poly, demi, etc. lesbians occur and they are ultra valid.”

Queer Twitter responds with outrage

The declaration sparked backlash that is huge attracting three times more replies than retweets and provoking countless outraged posts that stated that the initial argument was problematic and would fuel bi erasure. One especially aggrieved respondent penned: “LESBIANS ARE NOT DRAWN TO MEN” four times before including: “holy t stop using the ‘bi lesbians’ plus the ‘pan lesbians.’ LESBIANS ARE NOT DRAWN TO MEN” (autotune_iesus/twitter) Stop erasing bi, pan, and lesbian identities with your s t provides.” Another user stated, as much within the Twitter debate did, why these forms of statements provide to get rid of anybody who’s attracted to one or more gender from popular tradition, a event often called bi erasure. They composed: “Isn’t that likely to erase the identification of bi, pan, etc individuals? Plenty of bi folks are currently viewed as a ‘gay that doesn’t would you like to commit to being gay’ and that kinda reinforces that notion…

“Isn’t that planning to erase the identity of bi, pan, etc individuals?” (ZoenLanosca/twitter)

“Language modifications with time and that’s okay. It does not make individuals any less valid,” they included. Commenters into the Twitter debate had been keen to emphasise essential bisexual exposure and culture would be to them. One individual tweeted: “I’ve seen on Twitter lately that there’s a push for ‘lesbian’ to add bi/pan women like it did initially, and even though we help that, we never want to be re assimilated into lesbian tradition.

“The tradition bi females built after being pressed away is rad af. Long live the bi community.” Some accused the initial poster of biphobia, with one individual tweeting: “if you identify being a lesbian but are interested in males you’re perhaps not a lesbian! duration! Perhaps exercise a few of that internalised biphobia u got here before posting bulls**t for your globe to see.” In the event that you identify as a lesbian but are drawn to males you’re perhaps perhaps not just a lesbian!” (dykezula/twitter)

Numerous reported the debate harmed lesbians

Other people stated changing the meaning would harm or erase lesbians. This literally erases the identity of lesbians,” commented one individual on Twitter. “Lesbians are NOT bi, pan, poly, etc. lesbians are LESBIANS. They truly are interested in ladies. these are typically NOT interested in males. if you’re a ‘bisexual lesbian,’ you’re not just a lesbian. lesbian is solely wlw.” And another tweeter contributed to your debate by writing: “Just no. You’re literally hurting lesbians every-where by stating that.

“Lesbian means lesbian.”

“Bi, Pan, poly, demi, etc. individuals exist however they are perhaps maybe not lesbians. With no, monosexual lesbian is not likely to work. Why don’t we get one term damn. You give males the basic indisputable fact that they may be able and may pursue lesbians.” You’re literally hurting lesbians every-where by saying that” (Laetiti13057411/twitter) the same comment read: “lesbian is not an umbrella term to explain all attraction towards ladies, lesbian means lesbian. This means intimate and psychological attraction EXCLUSIVELY towards women, so stop erasing our sex and calling yourself a lesbian in the event that you understand damn well you’re bi/pan.” Many into the debate supported terms that are separate stay undiluted, without limiting individuals’ choices.

One Twitter that is such commenter: “Lesbians are permitted to have terms particularly meaning lesbian, bi girls are our siblings but we aren’t exactly the same and then we both deserve language to express our split (though comparable and allied) experiences and identities, femme, butch, dyke, and lesbian are lesbian particular.” The word “lesbian” is definitely utilized to spell it out ladies who are sexually or romantically interested in other females.


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