Everything You Need To Know About Cashier’s Checks

cashier's checks are generally required for

That means the moment you request a cashier’s check, your bank removes that dollar amount from your checking account. Because the bank does this, the check is guaranteed to clear. And this offers an extra layer of security for the person receiving the funds. You can cash a cashier’s check at the bank or credit union that issued it even if you are not a customer. If you’re not a customer, you’ll probably be charged a small fee. Check-cashing stores and Walmart locations will also cash these checks for you. Most people don’t need to buy a cashier’s check all that often.

cashier's checks are generally required for

When possible, verify the check with a bank teller before depositing. Or wait several weeks before using the money to make sure that the funds clear.

What Is A Cashiers Check And How Do I Get One?

I ordered two Official Checks over a month ago on two separate requests and neither check was received. My wife and I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with various reps trying to track them down. It appears that there is a large hole in your training and reps were flustered trying to track down information. I ordered the checks to be sent by regular mail, both to the same payee, but no rep could find any record that they were ever mailed. Apparently there is a way to track Fedexed checks but no way to confirm a check was actually sent through the USPS. During the latest call, the rep found a check for one of the amounts to the intended recipient, but the associated USAA account number was someone else’s account.

  • Not wanting to hold onto large stores of cash, businesspeople began depositing their money with “cashiers,” who agreed to keep the money safe for a fee.
  • A cashier’s check is purchased by a customer at a bank as a means of making a payment to a third party.
  • The bank’s role is to guarantee that the payer is financially able to make the payment.
  • Cashier’s checks are considered a safe way to pay for large purchases because they’re guaranteed by a bank to have the funds to cover the sum of the check.
  • A cashier’s check is a form of guaranteed payment because its value is drawn from the bank’s funds rather than the purchaser’s funds.
  • Cashier’s checks are usually required for major purchases, such as when you’re putting a down payment on a house or purchasing a car.

Bankrate follows a strict editorial policy, so you can trust that we’re putting your interests first. Before you make any large purchases, be sure your finances are in check. Cashier’s checks also work for transactions where you need the funds to be settled quickly. As a merchant, which would you rather receive—a cashier’s check or a personal check? Your odds of being paid are better with a legitimate cashier’s check.

Certified Check Vs Cashiers Check: An Overview

If you’re not a member of the bank you’re getting the check from, verify that you can get one there before you request it. One advantage money orders have over cashier’s checks is that they’re usually easier to replace if they’re lost or stolen. With a cashier’s check, you must request a new check from the bank and, in most cases, purchase an indemnity bond from an insurance company. This bond protects the bank if you lose the cashier’s check a second time.

cashier's checks are generally required for

If for some reason, you can’t use a money order, a prepaid debit card is an alternative. These can often be purchased at grocery, retail, and drug stores. Fill in the name of the payee on the line that reads “Pay to the Order Of.” The name of this person or business will be the only one who can deposit or cash the money order. If you were to lose the money order before doing so, anyone could find it, fill out his or her own name, and cash or deposit it. We’ll explain everything you need to know about cashier’s checks and money orders so you know which form of payment can get the job done for you.

You’ll need to go to a bank or credit union to get a cashier’s check. Unless you know and trust the person you’re dealing with, it’s best not to rely on money from a cashier’s check, or any other type of check, until your bank confirms that the check has cleared.

How To Get A Cashiers Check

However, an emergency fund is also useful for the times you need to cover a shortfall, like a larger than normal credit card bill or an unexpected medical bill. Because of this, you should take extra precautions with a cashier’s check that a stranger sends to you as a gift, reward or unexpected refund. If you are really concerned, you could also wait several weeks to make sure the check has cleared before you spend any of the funds. Money orders come with maximum issue limits, what are retained earnings so they might not be useful for significant expenses like home purchases, but they may cost less for small payments. After you send money to a thief or spend it, you have no recourse except to try and find the individual yourself—which isn’t easy, and you may need to hire private help. Local police probably don’t have the resources to track down a con artist who may be in another country. You need to provide several details to your bank so they can issue you a check.

In one typical scenario the scam artist sends a cashier’s check as payment for an item he has agreed to purchase or has won in an auction over the Internet. Strangely, however, the cashier’s check is made out for significantly more than the price of the item. The “buyer” asks the seller to ship the item along with the extra money from the cashed cashier’s check.

Money orders and cashier’s checks can be a convenient way to pay someone or to receive money. If you’re planning to purchase either one, remember to check the fees involved and whether the issuer puts any limits on dollar amounts. Most importantly, keep your receipt or statement showing when the money order or cashier’s check was purchased, in case it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Money orders are less expensive, making them better for smaller payments or when writing a personal check is not an option. For instance, you may use a money order to pay rent or to send a few hundred dollars to a friend who’s short on cash.

Most of us still trust checks issued by banks, despite the recent scandals, bailouts, and frauds, perpetrated by some of the biggest banks in the cash flow U.S. The bond acts as an insurance policy to ensure that you are on the hook if the lost check turns up and someone cashes it successfully.

cashier's checks are generally required for

If you are not a customer of the bank where you plan to buy a cashier’s check, the bank may charge you a different price. According to the banking analysis by MyBankTracker, the average cost of a cashier’s check was $9.10 at the ten biggest banks in America. There are fees associated with ACH/wire transfers, just the same as there are fees associated with cashier’s checks. The fees associated with ACH/wire transfers are often higher than the cashier’s check fees and can depend on how quickly you want the money to be sent. Make sure you’ve got the correct full name of the person or institution you’re paying. The downside to money orders is they are often restricted by a maximum amount. Postal Service offers a money order service, but only for purchases up to $1,000.

Cashiers Checks Vs Ach

For this reason, cashier’s checks provide good reassurance that the check will clear when deposited since the money is already held by the bank and ready to be transferred. Compare the cashier’s check fees at the top 10 U.S. banks to see where you can find the cheapest official bank checks. If you’re a customer of the bank or credit union, you can get a cashier’s check using the funds that are available in your account. When the bank writes the cashier’s check, they’ll automatically debit the funds for the cashier’s check from your account, which assures the seller that you have the full amount. A cashier’s check is guaranteed by the bank and will not bounce.

Assuming the check is legitimate , cashier’s checks are among the safest ways to receive payment. Lydia Blair was a successful Realtor for 10 years before jumping to the title side of the business in 2015. Prior to selling real estate, she bought, remodeled and sold homes . She’s been through the real estate closing process countless times as either a buyer, a seller, a Realtor, and an Escrow Officer. As an Escrow Officer for Allegiance Title at Preston Center, she likes solving problems and cutting through red tape. The most fun part of her job is handing people keys or a check. At the same time, the seller and their current mortgage company give up their rights to the property.

The U.S. Postal Service only charges $1.25 for a money order for $0.01-$500 and $1.70 for a money order between $500.01-$1,000. bookkeeping It’s worth noting that most places that issue money orders set a cap at $1,000, whereas cashier’s checks can exceed $1,000.

In many nations money orders are a popular alternative to cashier’s checks and are considered safer than personal bank checks. Cashier’s checks feature the name of the issuing bank in a prominent location, usually the upper left-hand corner or upper centre of the check. In addition, they are generally produced with enhanced security features, including watermarks, security thread, color-shifting ink, cashier’s checks are generally required for and special bond paper. These are designed to decrease the vulnerability to counterfeit items. To be recognized as a cashier’s check, words to that effect must be included in a prominent place on the front of the item. A customer asks a bank for a cashier’s check, and the bank debits the amount from the customer’s account immediately and assumes the responsibility for covering the cashier’s check.

What Are The Best Ways To Get A Cashiers Check?

Because personal checks aren’t always secure, and sometimes personal checks can bounce, which can result in the merchant or vendor not receiving their money. Instead, they may ask for a more secure form of payment, such as a cashier’s check.

Tips On How To Avoid Cashiers Check Fraud

For more questions about using cashier’s checks for your personal or small business transactions, visit any Huntington branch. When it issues a certified check, the bank verifies a customer’s signature and ensures that the amount of the check is in the account and set aside for that check to clear. The bank will add a stamp, signature or other unique marking to show that a check is certified.

Counter checks are more like personal checks available to bank customers when you run out of your own. The bank will encode your banking information and tracking number at the bottom of a check. The amount will be debited from the account immediately to pay for the check, at which time the bank will assume full responsibility for covering the amount on the cashier’s check. A cashier’s check is signed by a bank representative, which is part of guaranteeing the funds for the check are available.

Can I Cash A Cashiers Check If I Dont Have A Bank Account?

This means that the seller can have access to the funds for your purchase more quickly than waiting for a personal check to clear. If you’ve got an account at the institution you’re purchasing the cashier’s check from, make sure you have the required materials to access your account. You’ll most likely need to have your debit card and pin number, as well as a photo ID.


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